Hi, I am
Ching Cheng Kang (CCK) 👋🏻

Laravel Developer

⚡️ Fun fact: I convert Coffee to Code ☕️

About me

What i believe in

  • 1. 面对问题是解决问题的第一步。
  • 2. 把小问题解决了,就没有大问题。
  • 3. 把所有的小问题都解决了,就根本没有问题。
  • 4. 你不解决问题,问题会解决你。
  1. 1. Facing the problem is the first matter of the business.
  2. 2. When small problem is fixed, there will not have major problem.
  3. 3. When all small problem are fixed, there will not have any problem.
  4. 4. If you don't settle the problem, the problem will try to settle you.


Ko Wen-Je



I'm 25-year-old Malaysian that passionate about making software that simplify people's life.

No 39 in most active GitHub users in Malaysia
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What to Eat Huh

Are you having trouble with what to eat today? What to eat app will be the essential app for you to decide what to eat no matter when!

Build with Angular, Ionic, Capacitor, Firebase
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Pandemic Dashboard

The website is a Covid-19 dashboard for Malaysia, actively refresh for new data from MOH and CITF.

Build with Laravel, PHP, Tailwind CSS, Livewire
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Nakvaksin is built for Malaysians to monitor their vaccination appointment and automatically send the notification if there is any update!

Build with Tailwind CSS, React, Next.js
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Time Stone

TimeStone fetch my university(APU) timetable and automatically sync the timetable into the calendar!

Build with Laravel, PHP, Bootstrap
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Smart TT

SmartTT is focusing to help the Tour Agency for selling and manage their tour package. It can also act as online CMS for Tour Agency for online marketing and booking system.

Build with Laravel, PHP, Tailwind CSS, Alpine JS, Livewire, Bootstrap
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Quotiverse is a place where i keep my favourite quote that motivate my life and my motto